The Poles in the final of the international competition HubSpot Customer Awards 2015

The Poles in the final of the international competition HubSpot Customer Awards 2015

Published as the only Polish team got to the final round of the international competition HubSpot Customer Awards in the category: International Campaign Inboundowa of the Year. The final project uses marketing automation tools combined with the technology of video personalization provided by Vintom company.

The application of the Internet for doing all the daily errands has become almost common. Ordering food, dispatching parcels or making a doctor’s appointment – it all can be done without going out. On the example of doctors, as results from the observation of, one can see that this group perceives the Internet as a valuable source of gaining patients and therefore, there is a need for their education in this field and the application of innovative solutions.
"For almost two years we have been training doctors in the Internet-related topics: image, communications and how to gain patients. In our marketing actions we use marketing automation tools thanks to which we can suit our communication to recipients’ needs and interests. The combination of the possibility of HubSpot which we use and the technology of creating videos for Vintom has enabled us to prepare a unique campaign. We have prepared a personalized video for each doctor that uses our website, the video that shows the manner and the results of presentation on our website. In this one-and-a-half-minute-long material we included X personalized elements. We are proud that our project has been awarded by an international community, which confirms that we are going in the right direction." – says Mateusz Jachna, Product Manager in

Sales automation technique which was used in the campaign Vintom made it possible to connect the video scenario with the data regarding the client. Such a personalized material allowed for the creation of a message which is individually suited to the needs of each user on the website.

"In the campaign prepared for we combined three leading marketing trends: video, personalization and automation. We managed to connect the data regarding clients which were used in the videos in such a way that they constituted an attractive complementation of the entire scenario. Personalized videos were also supposed to attract doctors’ attention. Vintom sales automation technology proved to be an excellent tool also in the fulfilment of this aim. Every following project which uses our technology brings us closer to the revolution in the way of thinking about conducting sales campaigns in new communication channels. Therefore, we enjoy it even more that we are present in the final round of the competition organized by HubSpot." – said Szymon Pawlica, CEO, co-founder vintom.

The organizer of the competition is HubSpot, one of the fastest developing companies in the world providing software that supports marketing actions. HubSpot was established in 2006. It is the leader on the American market of marketing services as well as the world’s largest provider of software for the implementation and monitoring inbound marketing campaigns.

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