Vintom Chooses the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform

Vintom Chooses the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform


Vintom, an end-to-end service that automates sales processes through personalized videos, is now deployed on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, increasing its scale and security.

The experience customers expect has changed significantly. Brand communication with individual clients has transformed from the written word to communication with imagery enhanced by a dynamic feature – video. A recent study says 51.9 percent of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the content type that reaps the best ROI.

Vintom is our tool for offering personalized video to customers to drive customer engagement between brands and individuals across the entire buyer journey. We present the customer with a personalized video via email, text message or dynamic banner. Every element of a video can be programmed to deliver a unique, personalized experience that speaks to each and every viewer directly.

Each video ends with a clear call to action that pushes the viewer to do something – make a purchase, request a call back, extend an offer, or renew a contract – with interactive options that help turn views into sales.With an average return on investment around 300 percent and average click-through rates near 69 percent, Vintom’s service has proved to be a very effective way to approach clients. Vintom needed a reliable, cloud-based infrastructure that was highly scalable and secure, yet affordable, to publish millions of unique videos each day.

Grzegorz Kalisz, co-founder and CTO of Vintom said, “Microsoft Azure allows us deliver our solution on a global scale. We can focus on our business goals and core service features, rather than on infrastructure concerns.” 

In Azure, Vintom found a valuable and cost-effective match to address its needs. Azure offered the right solution with infrastructure flexible enough to meet the Vintom development team’s needs. Vintom uses many Azure features in its system, including Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Media Services, Azure Functions, and Azure App Service. Thanks to Azure, Vintom can render and generate personalized videos on a massive scale. 

 “Vintom and its customers benefit from the global scale and high availability of Microsoft Azure,” said Sudheer Sirivara, GM, Azure Media Services, Microsoft Corp. “We are pleased to support Vintom as it enhances the experience between consumers and brands.”  

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The Poles in the final of the international competition HubSpot Customer Awards 2015 as the only Polish team got to the final round of the international competition HubSpot Customer Awards in the category: International Campaign Inboundowa of the Year. The final project uses marketing automation tools combined with the technology of video personalization provided by Vintom company.